Walking Through The Pain

Practical Steps to Emotional Wellness | taught by Sherry Wherry
Sherry  Wherry
Sherry Wherry
Lead Life Coach

About the instructor

Sherry has completed a certificate of training in Personal Development Coaching with RS Counseling & Wellness Center.

 From the desk of Sherry Wherry:

I am the Founder/CEO and Empowerment Strategist of Wherry Consultations, LLC. I graduated from Kenyon College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Concentration in African and African American Studies. I possess over ten years of experience in Social Services and in enriching and empowering individuals to accomplish their educational, professional, personal, and spiritual goals.

I believe enrichment and empowerment is an experience of more. When something enriches and empowers your life you are better, you have more strength, and are more satisfied as a result. This is why I am a Life Coach with the RS Counseling & Wellness Center. You deserve to be enriched and have access to the tools that will strengthen and supplement your skills, talents, and goals. You also deserve to be empowered, and I am honored to do so and be a part of your journey!

Course Description

This workshop series is designed to give you practical steps to achieve emotional wellness as you address the pain in your life. Based upon my inspirational novel, "Walking Through the Pain", this series will provide you with the tools that you need to not only survive your pain, but to walk though it!

Book Description

At 15 years old, Olivia’s life takes a devastating turn, destroying her faith in God. She feels that she is God’s victim, and that she has been deceived by His love. Plagued with the pain of her past, and bound by the brokenness of those closest to her, Olivia finds herself in an unending cycle of crisis that shatters her already feeble world. Out of desperation, Olivia makes a decision that changes the rest of her life - she decides to walk through her pain.

Excerpt from Walking Through the Pain

"...But it was more than a change of scenery. My insides had been snatched out of me and then haphazardly sewn back together by a villain--a villain who took everything from me, and left me with nothing, to see how long I would survive. I felt his only desire was to see me die, and he wanted it to be slow, painful, and unbearable. But why me? Why did he, God, create me to be his victim? I loved him. Well, I used to. And I was taught he loved me too. I believed he loved me, but that was his power: No lie has power without belief..."

Course Contents

7 Videos
7 PDFs
2.5 hrs