Course Description

Trauma and Anxiety

This training benefits mental health clinicians, social workers and anyone else who wants to learn coping skills related to anxiety and trauma. The course will provide an overview of trauma and trauma symptoms that can occur.  Viewers will also learn about the ACE study and ACE Questionnaire in order to understand what childhood trauma is and how it impacts clients.   

The training will also provide an overview of different anxiety disorders and symptoms of anxiety.  It will explain how anxiety and trauma are correlated and how anxiety can many times be a symptom of trauma. Specific traumatic events that could cause anxiety in adults will be explored as well as different risk factors for developing anxiety in adults.

The final part of the training will discuss different skills that can help when it comes to coping with anxiety. Mindfulness will be described and viewers will be given several mindfulness based exercises that can help with anxiety. The last skills will provide viewers with different grounding techniques that can be used with clients. The similarities and differences between mindfulness and grounding techniques will be discussed. Viewers will be given several grounding exercises that they could use or teach to their clients.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Trauma and Anxiety

    • TA 1.pdf

    • Window of Tolerance Reimagined (720p)

    • TA 2.pdf

    • Trauma and Anxiety Quiz

    • Trauma and Anxiety References

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