Do You Love What You Feel: Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Adult Relationships
This webinar will benefit anyone who wants to learn about how trauma influences our adult attachment styles and relationships. We will provide an overview of trauma and give different examples of traumatic experiences. We will be discussing the four attachment styles; secure, anxious-preoccupied, avoidant-dismissive, and fearful-avoidant. After providing an understanding of attachment, the training will describe how childhood trauma correlates and causes insecure attachment styles in many people. Lastly the webinar will discuss skills that viewers can use if they or someone they love struggles with relationships.

The last part of the training will discuss skills that viewers can either use themselves or that they can use with clients who struggle with relationships due to attachment issues. The first skill involves utilizing emotional intelligence in order to identify emotions. Emotional intelligence will be described and a journaling exercise will be explained with the purpose of educating viewers on how to identify emotions. The second skill is utilizing “I” Statements. “I” Statements will be explained as well as their importance when increasing healthy communication. Several examples will be given in order to ensure that those viewing understand the layout of an “I” statement. The training will end with a summary explaining how identifying emotions and “I” statements can help to increase connection and trust within relationship

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